At-Home Engagement : Ashlee + Binkan

By March 28, 2013Engagements

We’ve known Ashlee & Binkan for a few years now. They’re young, successful realtors here in San Antonio, and they had been saying for quite some time that they’d be giving us a call when they finally got engaged. Well, they did, and we were all excited that we’d finally get to work together!

Fast forward to a few weeks before our scheduled engagement session, we get a call from Binkan asking if they could go ahead and swap the engagement out in favor of rehearsal coverage. Now this was surprising, because I knew how excited they were so something specific had to be worrying them. When asked why, the reason given was ‘We’ve thought a lot about this lately, and we really don’t want to just go to some location and dress up and pose – it seems weird, just going somewhere for the sake of pretty pictures…’ Ironically enough, MT and I had been talking for months about doing a more meaningful type of engagement session, something that feels more ‘real’ for the exact same reason expressed by Binkan.

So we presented an alternative. ‘Tell you what… Let’s do the shoot in your house. No posing. No stressful wardrobe decisions. We’ll capture you doing what you normally do as you work from home, hang out, play with your dog… Then we’ll go grab lunch together. Absolute worst case scenario, you don’t have to do anything with the photos and we get to hang out and eat lunch together.’

They LOVED the idea. I mean they raved about it to friends and family… and this was before they even saw the results. There was literally no posing and virtually no direction given whatsoever for this shoot (they’re really that lovey-dovey, believe me).

This is one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and I consider myself lucky to call them my friends. Thank you Ashlee & Binkan for helping to push us outside of the norm and for trusting us to fulfill our vision. Easily one of my most unique sessions to date.

P.S. This is their first home – and it is stylin’! Tip from Binkan: GILT app for iPad. 🙂