Beg your pardon

By February 8, 2009Blog

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for not keeping up with my photo-of-the-day posts lately. I’ve been out of the office a lot recently and I’ve also been working very hard on a few things:

  • Re-designing the Kurtis Kronk Photography logo
  • Designing business cards
  • Designing a custom print portfolio
  • Making my first prints on the new HP Z3200
  • Rearranging things in the office / doing some custom wiring

Any one of these things would be enough to keep me busy in addition to actually getting work done. But juggling all these things at the same time, you can probably understand my lack of energy to keep up with the POTD.

These things are all wrapping up soon, so I should get back on to schedule soon. Thanks for your patience!

logo_v2In the meantime, here’s the newly designed logo. I wanted something very simple, understated, and easily adaptable to any medium, any color.

cardsAnd a couple of the newly designed cards as well – a little background info: I’ve got 8 different versions of this card, each with a different photograph on the front and the name of that photo is referenced on the back of the card.

Note: I’ve since edited the email address in the business card, in case you’ve noticed my contact info is different than what’s in the design. 🙂

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