Behind-the-Scenes : Corey + Jenna Oahu Engagement Edit

By December 18, 2009Blog

I’m in the process of doing yet another pass at editing the full set of images from a recent wedding, as I prepare to create the album. This must be the fifth or sixth pass I’ve made, and each time I find that I see some of the images a different way or find things that could use some tweaking. While the actual process of shooting engagements, bridals, and a wedding may take 12-18 hours, there is so much more that goes on besides just capturing the image. To illustrate this, I just thought I’d post an image that I just spent a good 2-3 hours editing to show a before and after. There’s actually an in-between as well, more of a quickie-edit to get it in the general direction which I’d previously blogged.

Straight from the camera. Looks pretty blah straight from the camera, doesn’t it? Not the beautiful sunrise we’d hoped for, but I exposed this to retain detail in the highlights of the image, and you’ll see that clearly in the final edit. As for the composition, I shot a lot of close-ups during the shoot but I needed to capture some great, wide, landscape shots. After all, when you’re shooting an engagement session in Oahu, Hawaii (or doing wedding photography in Hawaii, for that matter) you’ve GOT to show the environment. Otherwise what was the point of going somewhere exotic, right?


Quick edit for blog. In hindsight, I made this edit appear a bit too ‘cool’ (that’s blue in photographer-speak). When doing the initial passes on images, it just doesn’t make sense to spend an insane amount of time on an image as it may not make the cut to begin with, so here you have it.


After a couple hours of editing this one image. I’ve gotten pretty much exactly what I saw in my mind when I captured that plain looking thing you saw straight from the camera. So what do you think? Worth all the extra effort? (I think so!)


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