Bethesda Fountain

By January 2, 2009Blog

Bethesda FountainShot with Canon 5D, TS-E 24mm f/3.5L, B+W ND3.0 filter
@ 24mm, f/10, ISO 640, 60s

After enjoying the view for a while at Conservatory Water and the Alice in Wonderland statue, it was off to Bethesda Fountain. This is the third in my series, One New York Minute. Equipment and technique were essentially the same here, except that I employed a Tilt-Shift lens to make the focal plane run more parallel with the ground.

The thing about Bethesda Fountain is, it’s not all about the actual fountain. It’s a beautiful, open square, and even if you’ve never been to New York you probably recognize it. I was very pleased to see the fountain still had water in it, since they drain it when it starts getting too cold.

Very little processing was applied on this shot – I started with my custom Lightroom preset Grayscale, Punchy, and then adjusted the vignetting.

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