Bethesda’s guardian

By January 14, 2009Blog

Bethesda's guardianShot with Canon 5D, 300mm f/4L IS
@ 300mm, f/4, ISO 100, 1/8s

Bethesda Fountain is such a beautiful landmark in Central Park that I really wanted to capture a little slice of it that I haven’t really seen before. To separate the fountain from the background I used my 300mm lens at the widest aperture for pleasing background blur. I had my tripod with me so I was able to drag the shutter a little for the sake of capturing the water in motion.

Processing started with my custom Lightroom preset Grayscale, Punchy. Then I cropped in a bit and rotated to straighten verticals. Next, I adjusted the color temperature to better bring out details in the foliage and statue. Finally, I brushed in some exposure adjustments to give better focus to the image and used a cloning brush to remove some distracting reflections in the water at the bottom of the image, etc…

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