The Joys of Printing In-House

By January 5, 2010Blog

Doing my own printing in the studio gives me a great deal of control over the end results of my work. I have the opportunity to print on a variety of media that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to, which play such an important role in the look of the finished print. There’s also a great feeling of connectedness with my work as I watch it [magically] come out of the printer, inch by inch, as I hand-finish my canvas prints, and finally, carefully package everything…

Every once in a while I get a request to do some prints for fellow photographers who appreciate the care that goes into what I do and the level of quality that results. I was contacted by Stephen Bonnau in Michigan to help him create some fine art prints for an exhibition he was putting together. They came out absolutely amazing, and I just wanted to share his work. Below are a few of the beautiful photographs I printed for Stephen – enjoy!