Seeking solace in the big apple

By December 24, 2008Blog

Seeking solace in the big appleShot with Canon 5D, Canon 300mm f/4L IS + 1.4x Extender
@ 420mm, f/5.6, ISO 200, 1/640s

After walking around the city streets and Reservoir Lake for several hours with a camera bag full of lenses plus a tripod, it was time for a little break. So I found a quiet spot near the castle, threw my stuff down, grabbed some dirty dogs from a nearby cart, and proceeded to work hard at doing nothing. Doing what real New Yorkers do, I really felt in-tune with the city as I laid there. Though I’ve been to Manhattan at least five or six times now, this was the first time I’d had the time to just do absolutely nothing in Central Park, while the weather was at the same time cooperating. There’s something special about Central Park… a vast expanse of nature, surrounded on all sides by towering skyscrapers. Like a [beautiful] weed that just sprouted up in the middle of your driveway. It’s one of the reasons I’m so in love with NYC.

In order to capture people absolutely undisturbed and unawares, I pulled out the big guns. Not just the 300mm f/4L IS, but the 1.4x extender in front of that. With this combination, it was like looking through a telescope. The thing that I like about this shot is that there’s nothing at all to indicate that it was taken in the city. To me, that just goes to show how well the park was designed. If things get too hectic and you need to get away, look no further than Central Park. A subtle detail, in the lower-right corner of the photo you can see a couple lying down taking a nap in the lawn. This is New York.

Very little processing was used in this photo. I started out with my custom Lightroom preset, Portrait – Dreamy, and finished off with slight adjustments to saturation (-) and contrast (+).

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