Ranch Engagement : Caroline + Shaun

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Shaun’s family owns a nice bit of land out in Kerrville, TX with a name given some generations ago – Prison Canyon Ranch. That just sounds cool. Prison Canyon Ranch. It’s the sort of name that makes you want to beat your chest, throw back a cold one and feast upon a juicy steak. Little did we know we’d be doing at least 2 of those things.

Now, Caroline and Shaun live just a few minutes from the ranch, so it’s a big part of their life together. In fact, their first date involved a trip to the ranch and Shaun taught Caroline how to shoot (with too large caliber a rifle, she reminds him – *kick*). When she out-shot him on her first attempt, I guess he knew she was the one. Ever since, they’ve spent most weekends at the ranch relaxing by the lake, fishing, hunting, eating, drinking and just, you know, doing Texas’y stuff.

Over the years, there have been a number of weddings out at the ranch. With Shaun’s brother set to be married there just a few months before their own wedding, they decided to have their wedding at Becker Vineyards instead. They didn’t want to completely leave the ranch out of the equation, so we shot the engagement session at Prison Canyon Ranch over the course of two days.

Lackland Air Force Base Engagement : Jaime + Mark

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Jaime and Mark are one of my out-of-state couples and they made some time in their schedule to hang out early one morning and shoot their engagements while they visited San Antonio for a week to work on their wedding plans. We started out near the King Williams historical district, and at this particular bridge there lived a family of very loud ducks and one curious little birdie. In this first shot I’m trying to give a little direction, but all Jaime and Mark can hear is QUACK QUACK QUACK.

When was the last time you snuggled on a bridge at sunrise?

Taking a little stroll.

And now… AIRPLANE! Since Mark is a pilot they really wanted to integrate his passion for aviation in their engagement session. The plane we shot with below has extra-special meaning – Mark’s grandfather flew this same type of aircraft in WW2.

The establishing shot:

The image on the left is the actual save-the-date magnet sent out to all their family and friends. [Save-the-date by Paper Bouquet.]

His name is Mark… but you can call him… Maverick.

Gruene Engagement : Jenna + Andrew

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Jenna & Andrew booked me from the furthest distance to date… they were stationed in Misawa, Japan! We immediately hit it off and started building a great rapport and after a flurry of communications, they were booked over the internets. I can honestly say they have been one of the coolest and nicest couples I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Since they were coming such a long way and we were all so excited, we did an extended (4 hours instead of 2) engagement session in historic Gruene, TX – we even had lunch together at the Gristmill (mmmm….). We took a stroll through the town, stopping at any place that piqued our interest, and just had a nice time together. It was like a casual date with us along for the ride – just how I like it!

Behind-the-Scenes : Corey + Jenna Oahu Engagement Edit

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I’m in the process of doing yet another pass at editing the full set of images from a recent wedding, as I prepare to create the album. This must be the fifth or sixth pass I’ve made, and each time I find that I see some of the images a different way or find things that could use some tweaking. While the actual process of shooting engagements, bridals, and a wedding may take 12-18 hours, there is so much more that goes on besides just capturing the image. To illustrate this, I just thought I’d post an image that I just spent a good 2-3 hours editing to show a before and after. There’s actually an in-between as well, more of a quickie-edit to get it in the general direction which I’d previously blogged.

Straight from the camera. Looks pretty blah straight from the camera, doesn’t it? Not the beautiful sunrise we’d hoped for, but I exposed this to retain detail in the highlights of the image, and you’ll see that clearly in the final edit. As for the composition, I shot a lot of close-ups during the shoot but I needed to capture some great, wide, landscape shots. After all, when you’re shooting an engagement session in Oahu, Hawaii (or doing wedding photography in Hawaii, for that matter) you’ve GOT to show the environment. Otherwise what was the point of going somewhere exotic, right?


Quick edit for blog. In hindsight, I made this edit appear a bit too ‘cool’ (that’s blue in photographer-speak). When doing the initial passes on images, it just doesn’t make sense to spend an insane amount of time on an image as it may not make the cut to begin with, so here you have it.


After a couple hours of editing this one image. I’ve gotten pretty much exactly what I saw in my mind when I captured that plain looking thing you saw straight from the camera. So what do you think? Worth all the extra effort? (I think so!)


Oahu, Hawaii Engagement : Corey + Jenna

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This post is coming a bit late, but I’m finally getting back into the swing of using the blog, and seeing as how I just shot Corey & Jenna’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d post their engagements, then bridals, and THEN the wedding as a nice progression. And, maybe, just maybe, as a bit of a teaser. 🙂

This engagement session was shot on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. The night before, we went on a scouting mission and discovered this amazing view off the highway – it was the first and only place we bothered to stop at – it was absolutely amazing. The sun was going down and weather was starting to pick up, and we were just captivated by the stormy water rushing in and out of this giant inlet. It started to rain, but we didn’t care.

The next morning, we got up first thing so we could be there when the sun was rising for the best light during our shoot. It ended up being overcast, so we couldn’t really see the sunrise much anyways, but that didn’t stop us from making some amazing images. Enjoy, and as always, don’t be shy about commenting!

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