Hangar Hotel

A Day of Hiking at Enchanted Rock

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This weekend we had a great time shooting a wonderful wedding at Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg, TX. We stayed at the Hangar Hotel, which is a fantastic little place to stay – it’s literally a converted airplane hangar and it’s quite nice but it has this WW2-era vibe to it that’s so much fun.

I was fortunate to be able to work with Reginald Campbell as my second-shooter this weekend, and the morning after the wedding we had a nice late breakfast at the Airport Diner. In the photo below Reggie is trying to decide whether he wants the 37-egg-white omelet or the double-chicken salad… haha. And that’s MT, my wonderful assistant, posing in the lobby of the hotel. Not sure who that handsome fella is in the mirror.

After parting ways with Reggie, we decided to go hiking at Enchanted Rock [at 1pm… yeah it wasn’t the best time of day exactly, but was miraculously only like 80*F out]. MT and I went up once and then her husband and daughter joined us for a second go-round in the evening. These are the images that followed – hope you enjoy.