Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Park (Sneak Peek)

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I just got back a few days ago from a really cool trip with a few shoots in California, starting in Los Angeles, then driving up to Death Valley and then swinging back around to Joshua Tree National Park. I shot primarily film, so it’s going to be a couple of weeks before I get those shots back, but I figured I would post a little bit of a teaser in the meantime.

As we got closer to Death Valley, there was this cool Catholic Church, St. John’s the Baptist, with some mountains as a backdrop and a few palm trees to keep it company. How could I not stop for a picture? Little did I know the little road I turned off to get the shot was actually a tiny airport. No doubt somebody was watching me and wondering why this idiot was driving a Ford Fusion onto a runway – to my credit there were no signs and once I realized it I parked off the side of the runway before plopping down to get the shot. Had to hold my reflector up in front of me to shade the lens since I didn’t want a lens-flared look.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church from Shoshone Airport near Death Valley, California. Behind-the-scenes.

The main objective that evening was to get a great sunset panoramic for my running series which can be seen in the Fine-Art Panoramic Landscape Photographs section of my website. While waiting for the light to be where I wanted it, I met Stuart from Scotland who was taking an epic road-trip all over the USA with his dad and brother. Here he is checking out the landscape at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, California… then a photograph of me behind-the-scenes getting setup for my panoramic sunset image.

Death Valley Zabriskie Point Hiker Watching the Sunset. Stuart from Scotland.

Death Valley Zabriskie Point. Behind-the-scenes for panoramic series of landscape photographs.

What do you do when you’re in a part of the USA with some of the darkest sky you can find? Well you go out and shoot some astrophotographs (nightscapes) of course! I didn’t really pack my gear with the intention of doing this, so there was only one spot that I thought worked well, not to mention it’s sort of hard to find more good spots in pitch black darkness!

Death Valley Nightscape - Astrophotograph of Milky Way at Twenty Mule Team Canyon in Death Valley, California

Back to Joshua Tree for a little bridal session action! Didn’t shoot any of this on digital but my assistant managed to capture a BTS shot on their phone. Can’t wait to get the film back!!

Joshua Tree National Park Boho Bridal Session with Flower Crown. Behind-the-Scenes.

If you’ve never been, Joshua Tree National Park is a pretty cool place. And there are suuuuper-cool Airbnb options if you want to stay somewhere with lots of style and character. (I also took some film shots of the interior of the place we stayed… didn’t do any exterior though.)

Joshua Tree National Park

Alright, last image for this post… Does Mirelle look amazing in this red dress out in Joshua Tree, or what? We had so much fun, and there was this really nice breeze the whole time so it wasn’t even really that hot, considering it’s a desert.

Joshua Tree National Park Portraits in Red Dress. Behind-the-Scenes. Desert Portrait Red Dress.

Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come!