Ranch Engagement : Caroline + Shaun

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Shaun’s family owns a nice bit of land out in Kerrville, TX with a name given some generations ago – Prison Canyon Ranch. That just sounds cool. Prison Canyon Ranch. It’s the sort of name that makes you want to beat your chest, throw back a cold one and feast upon a juicy steak. Little did we know we’d be doing at least 2 of those things.

Now, Caroline and Shaun live just a few minutes from the ranch, so it’s a big part of their life together. In fact, their first date involved a trip to the ranch and Shaun taught Caroline how to shoot (with too large caliber a rifle, she reminds him – *kick*). When she out-shot him on her first attempt, I guess he knew she was the one. Ever since, they’ve spent most weekends at the ranch relaxing by the lake, fishing, hunting, eating, drinking and just, you know, doing Texas’y stuff.

Over the years, there have been a number of weddings out at the ranch. With Shaun’s brother set to be married there just a few months before their own wedding, they decided to have their wedding at Becker Vineyards instead. They didn’t want to completely leave the ranch out of the equation, so we shot the engagement session at Prison Canyon Ranch over the course of two days.