Woman jogging at Reservoir Lake

By December 18, 2008Blog

Woman jogging at reservoir lakeShot with Canon 5D, 70-200mm f/4L
@ 70mm, f/5.0, ISO 500, 1/2500s

I hope you enjoyed the color in that last one, because it’s time for some more warm-toned monochromatic goodness!

It was a beautiful morning and the people of New York were taking advantage of the good weather on the jogging and cycling paths around Reservoir Lake in Central Park. After taking in the view for a few minutes, I found a spot just around a bend that would let me capture joggers before they saw me while also capturing a bit of the city through the trees. I leaned back against a tree for support and patiently waited for joggers to come into the shot. This woman was about the 4th jogger I captured, and she was the last one as well.

In processing this photo, I started out with my custom Lightroom preset, simply titled: Sepia. From there, I cropped a bit tighter (for some reason, the joggers all looked a little awkward as they got closer to me, the friendly guy with the big camera and the big white lens – go figure). Next, and most importantly, I had to take care of the lighting situation, by which I mean it was noon – and that, it should be noted, is a terrible time to take photos. So what I had was a bright background with a relatively dark foreground – I reversed the situation with some brush strokes in Lightroom to adjust the exposure upwards and downwards respectively as needed.

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