Woman jogging in Central Park

By December 23, 2008Blog

Woman jogging in central parkShot with Canon 5D, 70-200mm f/4L
@ 131mm, f/4.0, ISO 100, 1/125s

As I continued walking around Reservoir Lake in Central Park I came across this beautiful little bridge (another one of the shots I’d been on the lookout for). So I found a good spot to stand and wait for joggers to come by. A couple of minutes later, this woman jogged by me, and I pre-focused to where I wanted her to be when I snapped the shot, taking the picture a couple seconds later.

I like this photo because of the bridge, but I don’t feel like it’s quite what I wanted it to be overall. I was dealing with some really poor high-noon sunlight filtering through the trees, which I think is my main issue with the photo. Had I taken this same photo at 5-6pm or so, I think the overall result would’ve been nicer. I’m not decided yet on whether I want to clone out the other two people in the shot – I think it would add a little more drama…

There was a lot of processing of this shot in Lightroom, so rather than explain it all, I’ll have a video up later today with a step-by-step of what I did.

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